Sunday, 23 December 2012

Find us on Itune and Audioboo

We are working at 'breakneck :-) !' speed to roll out different ways to access our contents. If you have been following us, you would have realised that we now have a presence on Audioboo: A service 'committed to making it the platform of choice for anyone who wants to record, listen or share audio'. To compliment that service, we now have an ITune podcast channel. You can now download your favourite podcast app and subscribe to our podcast RSS feed: here. Or you can just simply use the Audioboo app (in your app store, google play and other great app stores) or ITune. Whichever way you choose to listen, the possibilities have just expanded exponentially! We will be using these channels to develop our offerings for the future.

We hope you will stay tuned!


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